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The Advantages of Water Softening and Filtration System Installation

At the point when individuals need to improve the appearance and taste of their water they can have a water conditioner and filtration introduced in their home. Such frameworks can tackle a wide scope of water issues. What does a water conditioner really do and is it worth purchasing? Here are the responses to the inquiries individuals may have with respect to water conditioners and some of the significant advantages of introducing a water conditioner and filtration framework.

The filtration part consists of activated carbon plus layers of gravel while the softener part is made up of resin. In addition to the media tank, it comes with a backflush tank where sodium or potassium chloride is placed to clean the resin and let it accomplish its job.

The Way a Water Softening and Filtration System Functions

The activated carbon in these systems absorb several, different contaminants such as chlorine. These contaminants get captured in the tiny pores that cover the carbon granules.

Underneath the activated carbon is where a bed of ion exchange resin is found. Ion exchange is a chemical reaction wherein insoluble solids removed from a solution are exchanged with ions of the same charge.

When it comes to water softening, magnesium and calcium ions found in the water that enters a house are replaced by sodium/potassium ions attached to resin beads. Potassium and sodium do not bring about the problems caused by calcium and magnesium.

Beneath the ion exchange resin is a layer of gravel that helps in catching contaminants that are left behind and polishes the water.

Salt-based or Salt-free

There is no such thing as salt-free water softeners. Hardness minerals cannot be removed from water without the use of salt and as long as there are hardness minerals, there cannot be soft water. There are a number of ways to minimize the harmful effects of hard water on plumbing and appliances.

The most efficient way makes use of a technology known as template assisted crystallization or nucleation assisted crystallization. When water flows through a bed of specialized filter media, hardness minerals in it get attached to nucleation sites where they are formed into microcrystals.

These do not stick to the inner parts of pipes and appliances thus, preventing the buildup of scale. Although not all benefits of soft water are experienced, what is important is this will prevent plumbing and water-using appliances from getting damaged. Activated carbon media can be added to these systems to remove other contaminants as well.

To enjoy every benefit of softened, filtered water, it is best to install a whole house water softening and filtration system. People should choose a company that sells, installs and maintains their system of choice. High quality systems will last longer meaning more savings in the long run.

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