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How to Control Silverfish ?

Silverfish are from another place and time. They were literally some of the earliest organisms to crawl out of the ocean.

The name comes from the fact that these creatures are silver in color. The ‘fish’ part is because of the scale-like exoskeleton and because of the almost fluid form of movement. But they are not fish at all – merely insects.

Their favorite food? Any type of carbohydrate such as old paper, adhesive coatings, books, etc. They are eating your things and leaving behind partially gnawed pages or photographs that can never be restored.

Favorite habitat? Any place that is dark and moist. Under the sink, in the basement, in a garage or an attic in humid climates offer the perfect living conditions. They eat your stuff, lay eggs in your stuff and then offer the hatchlings a never-ending buffet of sustenance – also known as your stuff.

Treating them is possible but one must enter the fight with reasonable expectations. They will not go down easily! Spraying them directly is easy but the real effort must be directed towards those you cannot see… as they are the ones munching away in the dark and laying eggs all over the place.

To control Silverfish, you will choose a safe, ‘Green’ and all-natural product that controls Silverfish without causing damage or danger to anything you deem important. Start by spraying any silverfish you see directly. It is an easy, quick death that can offer some pleasure as stopping future damage is a victory in itself!

Here is where it gets trickier – you want to eradicate these pests without harming any of your stuff… Several options are good by themselves or in conjunction with others:

• Spray the outside and inside of any containers where you have seen silverfish.
• Take strips of paper or paper towels and lightly spray with your favorite all-natural pest control product. After they dry, place them within the boxes as you pack your things up.
• Spray the area adjacent to where you have witnessed these munchers. Spray under the sink throughout the basement, around and near any storage areas in the attic.
• As you would not spray water on old documents, photos, or other valuables, it is the same with your favorite all-natural pest control product. Therefore, you must disperse all the belongings and spray around them or place treated paper around and/or between what you are storing.
• Anticipate it will take multiple spray applications – these are worthy adversaries.
• If the infestation is severe, you may need to resort to a fogging treatment using a different variety of your favorite all-natural pest control product.

Protect you stuff and keep your mementos intact by controlling the Silverfish that want to destroy them. Using an all-natural pest control product, you ensure the control of Silverfish without harming anything else.

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