Broken Vinyl Window Repair - The Helpful Guide

Broken Vinyl Window Repair – The Helpful Guide

The broken vinyl window repair method to be used is slightly altered by the make of the window. For example, there is a slight difference in fixing a dual pane than a single pane window. Let me try and provide some basic information below, which will help stir you towards the right direction. I suggest you read right to the end before doing anything else.

o Do not remove the opposite corner screws if you do not want to separate the frame from the glass.

o What you can do is to simply put a two sided take on the lip of the frame where the glass is resting. Alternatively you can use a silicone instead of the tape.

o You should then apply a snap in stop to all the sides of the glass i.e. all four sides.

o You will have to remove the stops first before turning over the panel to break the seal.

o For a dual pane window, if you have only one side of the IGU broken, you will need to repair the other side as well. This is because it is not possible to get the IGU out of the frame without breaking the other glass piece.

o If you can try to remove the stops without taking the panel out of the slider.

o Then take the appropriate measurements for the new IGU so that you don’t have to find a temporary cover for your window.

o Once you have your IGU do not just install it. First you have to make sure that the lip that had the silicone or tape is clean.

o Before you begin the broken vinyl window repair process, make sure you wear some protective gloves before you break the seal.

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