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Are Traditional Pest Control Products Bad? Should You Use Them?

What is wrong with traditional pest control products? How are they bad? Why should you not use them?

Because they are toxic, synthetic poisons!

Once you learn the truth about chemical pesticides, you will regret having ever used them and you will not use them again. So, what exactly is the truth?

Traditional pesticides on the market today are synthetic chemicals using leftover nerve gas technology from World War II. These unnatural, man-made chemicals were created to do very sinister things. After the war, those same brilliant scientists were looking for ways to rein in the new advances. They realized they could treat, kill and hopefully eradicate bugs with these poisons at very low levels that didn’t cause problems for humans. Eureka!

But stop and think about that theory – these are known poisons, toxins and carcinogens… so at what point are they going to be ‘perfectly safe’ for humans? The argument was small exposures are not so bad…

But here is where they did not think about the consequences… We, the public, are not exposed to poisons on a small scale, we are BOMBARDED! We are ingesting, inhaling and absorbing toxic pesticides from every angle. Think about these constant exposures for each of:

• United States agricultural food production uses billions of tons of pesticides within the food supply every year. Billions of tons. Current U.S. population is 328 million. Even if it were only a billion tons, that is more than 3 tons of pesticides per person each year.
• All public spaces are expected to remain pest free. We cannot accept roaches, ants or other in hospitals, office buildings or apartments. Grocery stores, shops, movie theaters and all forms of public transportation must conform to the standard of zero pests – which can ONLY happen if these are constantly sprayed with pesticides.
• Pesticides are often odorless, colorless, and tasteless – so even if you are being exposed, you are not aware!
• Within our homes, the pest control service industry is a $3 billion a year industry. That does not include the billions of pesticide products sold each year to consumers who use them on themselves, in their homes, and on their yards.
• Many municipalities perform aerial spraying for mosquitoes.

Get the idea? Everywhere you go, there are pesticides. Everything you eat (unless it is organic) is laced through and through with poisonous pest control products. Even being outside in the open is not safe if planes are raining down toxic chemicals!

This is madness and it needs to stop!

Demand organic food. Demand the schools your children attend be upfront, transparent and mindful of the least possible exposure to chemical pesticides. Inquire about the timing of pesticide treatments in the places you shop, dine and hang out to adjust your schedule accordingly. Speak out against useless pest control applications ‘just because it has always been done this way”.

Traditional pest control products are scary because they are toxic, synthetic poisons.

Pest Control Services by 24/7 Home Service US , which offers all-natural pest control products as alternatives to synthetic, chemical pesticides.


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